Walter’s Tavern

We’re looking for information, stories and photos of Walter’s Tavern, a bar on 45th Street at Broadway, New York City during and after World War II.

Signal Corps Photographic Center class of june 1945
Signal Corps Photographic Center class of june 1945

We’re looking for any information about Walter’s Tavern on 45th street on Broadway

Background information

During his training at the Signal Corps Photographic Center in 1945, Hugo (Hugh) Wilmar and a few of his classmates had their photo taken. They were at Walter’s Tavern, located on 45th street at Broadway in New York. It’s a snapshot type of photo, one would have taken as a souvenir photo in the spur of the moment when going out for a drink or two (too many). This photo, in the Wilmar family archives, is still in its original sleeve. The people in this photo each signed the inside cover of the sleeve (note: Hugh Wilmar’s signature is missing):

Signatures inside cover of the souvenir photo sleeve
Signatures inside cover of the souvenir photo sleeve

Presumably, more – similar – photos were taken. Our research to date has not provided much information, other than that Hugh Wilmar is the man, sitting with his eyes closed on the right. We assume this photo was taken in the summer of 1945. The bar has been long gone. We have yet to find any reference in the New York City archives the bar even existed.

Specific questions

In order to complete our research and fill in the blanks of Hugo Wilmar’s biography, we’re looking for any information on the following questions:

    • Do you know who the other people in this photo are?
    • What happened to Walter’s Tavern?
    • Are there any other photos of this kind?
    • What is the story of the bar during the 1940’s?

If you have any information, please contact us via email, please

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