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Engelandvaarder, war photographer and Academy Award winner Hugo Wilmar moves on the world stage of the Second World War and the post-war period of the 50s. Hugo Wilmar's Tintin-esque story describes a career that develops like a whirlwind.

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Hugo Wilmar Foundation manages the family archive of top photographer and filmmaker Hugo Wilmar. We explore this breathtaking history. Money is needed to maintain the collection. Become a friend of the Hugo Wilmar Foundation and receive five unique postcards as a thank you!

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Five unique cards for friends of the Hugo Wilmar foundation

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Maintaining the family archive costs money. Your donation will be used for research into the photos, digitization of archive material and the processing and storage of the digital files.

Only with your support can the breathtaking stories of Hugo Wilmar be preserved.

Thank you for your support! The board of the Hugo Wilmar Foundation

Friends receive five unique cards

If you become a friend of the Hugo Wilmar Foundation, you will receive five unique cards as a thank you. These postcards feature some iconic photos by Hugo Wilmar. These photos were all taken by Hugo Wilmar and are from the family archive. On the back of the cards is a short explanation about the origin of the statue. Each photo is representative of a part of Hugo Wilmar's adventurous life and character.

For €15,00 you can become a friend of the Hugo Wilmar Foundation. The cards will then be sent within a few weeks. With your contribution we can continue our research into the photos and films from the family archive. We will also spend your donation on digitizing and preserving the archival documents.

If you are not interested in the cards or prefer to remain anonymous, you can also make a one-time donation. Of course you can also contact us for other forms of cooperation or sponsoring contact record with us

Your contribution

We can really use your contribution. Thanks to your support, we learn more and more about the context behind Hugo Wilmar's photos and films. As a result, more and more puzzle pieces fall into place. This creates the complete story about the life of Hugo Wilmar. Only in this way can we ensure that the Tintin-like story is preserved.

On the page about Hugo Wilmar Foundation you can find more information about our objectives. Many friends make light work.

  • Digitizing family archive
  • Storage digital archive
  • Archiving Originals
  • image research
  • Metadata
  • Research for new information

Donate in information

The search for information, photos and films by Hugo Wilmar continues unabated. You can also support us with information, supplementing or sharing sources and data that are relevant to the Hugo Wilmar investigation.

There are always some current search queries what we are doing. We can really use your help with this. For example, our request for information about the photo of Walter's Tavern Several tips have already been delivered in New York.

Researching, safeguarding and providing insight into the cultural-historical heritage of the family archive takes a lot of time and money. We desperately need your support!