The films that Hugo Wilmar has witnessed in his life may well be the highlight of his short career.

Movie poster White Wilderness films
Movie poster White Wilderness, one of the True Life Adventure movies

Chicago Film Labs

Hugo Wilmar started in the film industry in 1945. Pending his training at the Signal Corps Photographic Center he worked at a film lab in Chicago. Here Hugo Wilmar has translated and recorded instructional films of the American army in Dutch. He also acted as a Japanese soldier in some productions.

In Dutch East Indies Hugo Wilmar has gradually developed into a filmmaker and filmmaker. Although it is not known exactly which films he made at the Marine Brigade, he does write about this. He can also be seen in the image report of the trip aboard MS Noordam towards East Java.

First movie

In August 1953 Hugo Wilmar makes his first full movie. As a thank you for the help that Jan Woldijk offered him with his escape from occupied territory. Hugo writes, stages, films and edits a 12-minute film of the FRR boy camps.

True Life Adventure movies

The highlight of his film career is without a doubt period at Disney. His movie "White Wilderness" from Disney's True Life Adventure series is released in 1959, posthumously, with a Oscar awarded for best documentary.

Perri - A Disney true life fantasy


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