New acquisitions family archive

Recently, a large number of new acquisitions of the works of Hugo Wilmar have been found. Behind the scenes we are working hard on digitizing, archiving and researching the family archive. The aim of this is to safeguard and make public the unique cultural-historical archive of top photographer and filmmaker Hugo Wilmar.

Mary Price, Hugo Wilmar's wife, died on April 13, 2019. Much of her family's records were stored in the basement of her home in Madison, Wisconsin. The photos, documents and albums are digitized step by step. Diana Wilmar and David Fox are busy with this.

Unique acquisitions

In addition to stacks of photographs, the heirlooms in Mary Price's possession contained some very special documents.

  • A photo album with detailed descriptions of Hugo Wilmar's journey to the Kruger Park in South Africa
  • Hugo Wilmar's Press Card, published by Publisher “De Spaarnestad”
  • Wildlife Management Course Grades and Exams at the University of Wisconsin
  • A box of approximately 50 large-screen color slides from, among others, Haile selassie
  • About twenty letters to magazine publishers about the article placement and photos, including some rejections.


These personal belongings of Hugo Wilmar offer a unique source of information about the person and his character. Although the Dutch archives If we have the majority of Hugo Wilmar's photographs in our possession, we can supplement the existing archives with these new acquisitions. It allows us to place the well-known photos in the right context.

Digitizing these acquisitions will take several months. As soon as new information becomes available, it will be added to the website. So keep an eye on this website!

Diana Wilmar is busy digitizing a photo album of Hugo Wilmar, her father.
Digitizing one of the acquisitions
One of the acquisitions is an extensive album with photos of Hugo Wilmar's journey to the Kruger Park.
Exam by Hugo Wilmar
Press card Hugo wilmar

Page from the Kruger Park photo album
It is also very special (and honorable) that the Rijksmuseum used a photo of Huug Wilmar for the official exhibition poster for the Revolusi exhibition in 2022.


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