The biography of Hugo Wilmar is written on the basis of the letters, which Hugo Wilmar. The family archive contains 28 letters, which he wrote from 1939 until his death in 1957. In these letters he sums up his wanderings and travels. He also describes his opinion on the events. The letters have been instrumental in compiling the biography on this website. The family archive also contains detailed excerpts from the correspondence between Disney producers in Burbank, California and Hugo Wilmar regarding the making of the True Life Adventure Series films “White Wilderness” and “Jungle Cat”. Finally, some eyewitness accounts of, among others, Celicila Wilmar, Hugo's sister, Mary Eddy, Hugo's wife, and Jan Woldijk, Hugo's childhood friend, have been incorporated into the biography.

The historical facts come from Front Indies, the book by Louis Zweers and the websites of the NIMH, sources of the NIOD and various forums and international archives.

The texts on this website are written by Saskia Asser and Hugo de Wolf, supported here and there by quotations from the letters of Hugo Wilmar and third parties.

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Most of the photos on this website are from the family archive. We also used the photographs of Hugo Wilmar from the collections of the NIMH, Spaarnestad, the National Archives, the Hague Municipal Archives and the NIOD.


Front Indies: Hugo Wilmar, eyewitness to a colonial war. Louis Zweers. EAN: 9789060119280

With the Marine Brigade in East Java† Hugo Wilmar


The history on this website is told from the perspective of Hugo Wilmar. That perspective is based on his letters and eyewitness accounts. It is possible that this perspective deviates from the historical conventions.

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