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We are looking for the original photos of the FRR boys' camp in Remmerstein Rhenen that Hugo Wilmar took in August 1953.

Hugo Wilmar's childhood friend, Jan Woldijk, told during one of our conversations, that in August 1953 Hugo Wilmar made a film of a FRR boy camp. This summer camp took place on estate Remmerstein in Rhenen. Hugo Wilmar also took pictures of the camp at that time.

Who can help us with information about the photos of the Frits Rudolf Ruys Boys Camp at Remmerstein Rhenen that Hugo Wilmar took in August 1953?

FRR Boy camps

The FRR Boy Camps were organized from 1949 to 1958. The camps were intended for boys whose father had died in the resistance during the war. The Remmerstein estate was made available through the Nederlandsch Lyceum in The Hague to house the camps.

Wrap the mutual promise
Wrap the mutual promise

In the book "De Onderlinge Belofte - seventy years of foundation 1940-1945 ″, written by Jan Driever, the photo is used. According to the foundation, the origin of this photo is a copy from the boys' magazine, which was published by the Frits Rudolf Ruys fund (FRR fund). This fund was transferred to the '40 -'45 Foundation.


Hugo made the film and the photos in return for Jan Woldijk's help in the preparations for his escape from occupied territory during the Second World War.

The photo

The photo shows the garden of the Landgoed Remmerstein (Rhenen), in which a group of children play croquet. In the foreground a group of boys on the grass are watching the game. Until the closure, the photo hung in the Rector's Room of the Nederlandsch Lyceum. Subsequently, the inventory and archive of the Nederlandsch Lyceum was transferred to the Municipal Archive of The Hague.

Search query

We are looking for the original photos of the FRR boys' camp in Remmerstein Rhenen of which the above photo is one of them. Hugo Wilmar made these in August 1953. Our search at the Hague Municipal Archives, Spaarnestad, Stichting '40 -'45 and in the Remmerstein family archive has so far yielded nothing.

Do you have information about these photos? Or do you know where we can view the original prints or negatives? Please let us know!