FRR Boy Camp

In 2019 we discovered an original 16mm film from the FRR Boys Camp from August 1953. The film was made and edited by Hugo Wilmar. The original 16mm film is in excellent condition, owned by Jan Woldijk. Through him we know a lot about the origin of this 12-minute long color film.


Hugo Wilmar made the film in return for the help that Jan Woldijk gave him during the war. The resistance fighter Jan Woldijk from Wassenaar finished Hugo Wilmar and Bob Hummeling in 1944 helped out of occupied territory.

Film stills

John Woldijk

During the war, Jan Woldijk published illegal newspapers. The members of the resistance had agreed to take care of each other's families in case one of them happened to something. Jan Woldijk has kept his word. After the war he started working at the foundation '40 - '45. In that capacity he started organizing boys' camps from 1949 for the children of fallen resistance heroes. The Frits Rudolf Ruysfonds paid the costs of the camp.

The FRR boy camp

In 1951 the Nederlandsch Lyceum proposed it estate Remmerstein in Rhenen available for the camps. Here the children had a carefree holiday in the wooded area.

The film

To give the home front an impression of what the children were doing during their holiday, Jan Woldijk wanted to make a film. For this he approached Hugo Wilmar. Hugo didn't hesitate. Jan Woldijk has put together a special program in consultation with Wilmar. Thus the script for the film was born. In addition to the film, Hugo Wilmar also took photos. These are, with the exception of a single publication, not yet above water.

Hugo Wilmar made the film with Kodachrome 16mm film, and a Bell & Howell 70-DL camera. The film has never been officially shown before. The participants of the camp did receive an 8mm copy of the silent film.

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