Film operator at the Marine Brigade

Hugo Wilmar leaves on November 21, 1945 as a film operator with the first 2000 Marines to East Java. In a letter to his parents, Hugo writes that he filmed parts of the departure from Camp Davis.

Have you already seen in the cinema the parade that we held before our departure in Camp Davis and which seems to be running in the Netherlands. I also recorded a piece and photographed further.

- Letter from Hugo Wilmar to his parents, January 2, 1946

Although it is not clear which parts Hugo Wilmar shot as a film operator, the film the first moving images, made by Hugo Wilmar.

Freedom as a film operator

The role of film operator gives Hugo Wilmar a lot of freedom. It gives him the opportunity to go wherever he wants. He himself formulates this as follows:

I have done this completely selflessly and although series of negatives (printing or enlarging is not possible in these areas) have already been sent to the MarVo (Marine Information Service) in Holland, without even having a print of it myself, I give the job I am completely free to go wherever I want, while of course with my curly nose I am always present where sensation, blood or sweat can be experienced or given, whereby this Grand Prince like a beast of burden under the tropical sun often curses his camera and accessories, but to the other side realizes: “As far as that is concerned, I am lucky that I have been so lucky.

Letter from Hugo Wilmar to Jan Van Eyk, January 29, 1946

Travelogue Noordam

The film describes the 56-day journey from Camp Davis, North Carolina, to the Dutch East Indies. Hugo Wilmar has not only made parts from this film, but is likely to be seen in the film himself.

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