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The Marine Brigade headquarters seconded Hugo Wilmar to the Chicago Film Labs. Before the war photographer training starts in New York, works

Hugo Wilmar joined the Chicago Film Labs in February 1945. They made in this private film studio US Army instructional films made. Hugo translates instructional films from the American Army into Dutch. He also records the voice-overs of four films. In addition, he fulfills small roles in other titles. The films were part of the training of the Dutch Marines in Camp Lejeune, North Carolia.

In a letter to his parents dated July 17, 1945, he writes about his activities. Also in the letter to Jan van Eyk he describes his work at the Chicago Film Labs:

Then I started picking up American movies scripts from American instructional films. I helped translate it and became a Lieutenant on February 18. and a Sergeant. sent to the Chicago Film Labs. We worked there in a movie studio and sat in Steven's hotel, the largest in the world (3000 en-suite rooms located on Michigan Lake) I was paid $ 13 a day there because I had not been transferred and was supposed to keep my room in Washington. However, I canceled this in advance. The work was extremely interesting and in short it boiled down to the fact that American instruction films such as “The Bajonet Fighter”, “notes on Jungle warfare” and the like were provided with Dutch sound. I myself have recorded “Individual Concealment”, “Notes on Chemical Warfare” and “ship to shore movement”, and came up with a small part in other films as well.

- Letter from Hugo Wilmar to his parents, July 17, 1945

Construction of the largest hotel in the world, the Stevens Hotel in Chicago, dating from 1926, was announced.

Individual Camouflage

We have the original Dutch version of Individual Concealment Netherlands Institute of Military History recovered. The NIMH has now digitized the film. This probably contains the voice of Hugo Wilmar. Therefore, the film marks Wilmar's first steps in the film industry.

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