Hugo Wilmar
Engelandvaarder, adventurer, photographer, wildlife biologist and filmmaker
Amersfoort 1923 - Cusco, Peru 1957

Hugo Wilmar's Tintin-like story begins on May 28, 1923. He is fearless and has strong opinions. Wilmar moves on the world stage of the Second World War and the post-war period. It is the story of a career that develops like a whirlwind. He is Engelandvaarder, War photographer in the Dutch East Indies, eager photojournalist panorama en Catholic Illustrated and filmmaker employed by Disney.

Hugo Alexander Wilmar

Engelandvaarder, adventurer, top photographer and filmmaker
1923 1957

1923-1944: Hugo Wilmar grows up in The Hague

1923 1944
The Hague

Ticker tape parade General Jonathan Wainwright, September 13, 1945

1945 1946
Signal Corps

Running Marine in the Dutch East Indies

1946 1947
Marines Brigade

1947-1951 Spaarnestad

1947 1951

Hugo Wilmar carries a seal for his Arriflex 16mm camera during the White Wilderness production

1951 1957

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